Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Progress? What is this "progress" you speak of?

Oooh snap, is that actual paint being applied to actual figures? At this rate, 2 more reading weeks and I'll be laughing...

Still to paint:vehicles, vehicles and more vehicles and some battlesuits to boot (lots). I'll need to cannibalize some suits to build other units, I'm thinking (s'a lot of markerlight drones to scratch build).

Commander Farsight: 170
Bodyguard (HW Drone controller w/ 2 shield drones, HW multi-tracker, HW target lock, Shield Generator, Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster)x 4: 301
Battlesuit Team (Team Leader, Bonding Knife, Fusion Blaster, Flamer, Shield Generator) x3: 188
Stealth Team (Team Leader, Bonding Knife, Drone controller and 2 marker drones)x3: 275
Fire Warrior Team (Shas'ui, Bonding Knife, Devilfish w/Decoy/disruption/multi/SMS)x6: 190
Fire Warrior Team 2: 190
Pathfinders (Shas'ui, Bonding Knife, Devilfish)x7: 176
Broadside (Target Lock) x2: 150
Hammerhead (Decoy/disruption/multi/SMS): 180
Hammerhead 2: 180


Dallas said...

>Oooh snap, is that actual paint being applied to actual figures?

Not sure, it's kinda hard to tell from the photo... ;-)

But remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

MFraser said...

I think I saw some grey on them. I'm taking you on your word that it's not bare plastic.

Greg B said...

Did we clarify the difference between "prime" and "paint"?

Cam said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're telling me that flat black or flat grey aren't acceptable? What's next, telling me that actually gluing more than just the legs to a base is required for play? Slave drivers, all.