Friday, February 13, 2009

More FutureCom Fun

The arms race continues...

I've really been enjoying the conversions and painting projects I've been doing for my Pig Iron project. Science-fiction painting and modelling can be fun even without skullz and spiky bitz ;-)

Anyway here's the latest addition to the arsenal - based on a gigantic 1/43 Russian diecast T-34/85 tank obtained from Greg B. A mild conversion really - cut off the main gun and replace with twin GW Heavy Bolters, mock up a hull-mounted lascannon for a big punch, add stowage and a pintle-mounted storm bolter, and sprinkle on some randon sci-fi bits. "Simple but effective," as they say... here are some pics.

A word of caution for anyone attempting to repaint Russian diecast... DO NOT paint the tracks!! I forgot to remove them before priming the vehicle and the paint would not dry on the flexible vinyl... it turned into a sticky mess. After a bath in Castrol Super-Clean degreaser they are OK again, thankfully.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics and stay tuned for pictures of the painted Polikarpov I-16 conversion coming soon!

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Greg B said...

Dallas - awesome project. I can't wait to get some stuff ready for a game against the "FutureCom" (or maybe "FutureKom"?).