Sunday, May 28, 2023

Star Wars Campaign Game 10 - Rescue


Over the Victoria Day long weekend, I ran the latest game in the ongoing Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Star Wars skirmish campaign.

In game 9, Chewbacca led Rebel forces that annihilated the Imperial reinforcements rushing to the site of the battle in game 8. "Chicken Run". This meant that an opportunity arose to try and rescue Captain Rec, who was wounded and captured back in game 8.

The current game was a variant of the Rescue scenario in Wiley Games' Wasteland Warriors game.

The Imperials set up in a loose line within a move of the south end of the table. Their goal was to make it to the shuttle landed at the north end of the table. The Rebels, again led by Chewbacca, were trying to rescue Rex, the famous Clone  Trooper elder and Clone Wars hero. Boosting their strength was Ahsoka Tano, who was eager to aid her old friend and comrade in arms.

At first things looked very bad for the Imperials. They took several casualties from blaster and bowcaster fire. 

Ahsoka leaped ahead of her troopers, and got truly stuck in. Rebel troopers moved up on both flanks, supporting the Jedi's advance and laying down a withering fire. Ahsoka cut down the Stormtrooper carrying Rex, but then got caught in a crossfire of  blaster fire, and was subjected to successive close combat attacks. At one point she was prone Shocked, having dropped one of her lightsabers. 

The game turned when one of the Stormtrooper leaders managed to defeat Chewbacca in close combat, putting him out of action!

Some Stormtrooper Remnants made it into contact. Seeing that they would never be able to get to the shuttle, one of them slew the helpless Rex.

Game MVP was surely Ahsoka, who managed to get to her feet, Force pull her lost saber, and withdraw in good order. She made every blaster Deflection roll she attempted, wounding or putting out of action several Imperials.

The game was basically a draw, but Rex is gone from the campaign for good, and Chewbacca is out for the season.

Thanks to Hugh, Dallas, Rob, Kevin, and Frederick for playing with me.


Dallas said...

Excellent fun, dave - thanks for putting on the game! While the Imperials didn't do that well overall, the definite highlight for me was my prone Stormtrooper officer putting the boot in on Chewbacca's nutz and taking him out of the game.

Greg B said...

Great looking game guys!

Hugh said...

Never underestimate those Stormtrooper Remnants !

Thanks for running this series of games !