Sunday, May 28, 2023

Star Wars Campaign Game 9 - Breach


Awhile ago I ran the latest in the ongoing Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Star Wars skirmish campaign. 

After the previous game’s loss, Chewbacca led a force of Rebel Veterans, Commandos, and Troopers in a meeting engagement against a mixed force of Imperials, including Shoretroopers and Scouts. 

The goal was to get forces to the opposite table edge. By the end of the game, only one Rebel and one Imperial had scored, but that didn’t account for the utter carnage wrought on the Imperials. 

Also, a Wampa-like creature appeared in the middle of the game, causing some consternation. 

The Rebels caused casualties in a ratio of 5:1, resulting in a Rebel victory. So many times players rolled hot (“I need a 10?” *rolls* “10!”). 

"Never tell me the odds!"

A lot of fun was had, in a very memorable game. 

Thanks to Hugh, Rob, Bob, John, and Frederick for playing with me. 

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