Sunday, June 4, 2023

Afrika Korps Tanks and Perry Passengers

So it's back to the blog again after some time away! I have a few updates so I'll start with some work on the 28mm Afrika Korps. Last weekend I ran a Bolt Action "Western Desert" game at PrairieCon in Brandon and I needed to complete some new stuff for that, so here it is.
First off here's a Pzkpfw.IV Ausf. D from New Millennium. You remember these guys - about 10 years ago (or more?) they came out with this model, a Marder SP gun, a Pzkpfw. 38(t), and some other plastic stuff in 1/48 scale. They were all prebuilt and painted, so wargamers snapped them up, big time. The D only came in a grey paintscheme, but they are really nice models if you can find them nowadays.

And I wasn't left out of the frenzy. I think I had four of these models in a box, so I got one out and painted it up for DAK duty.

The paint scheme matches my other DAK armour decently well - for the record (well, since these posts are MY record) the colour is a mix of GW Morgrot Hide and Steel Legion Drab, washed with Agrax Earthshade. Decals are from the folder, with the DAK palms from Company B.

Next up is a "Mark IV Special" (Ausf.F2) from Solido, in 1:50 scale, courtesy of Conscript Frederick. I traded him a Bolt Action Ausf. D that was given to me by Conscript Byron.  

Solido models are great, they are mostly diecast metal so have a reassuringly heavy feel, and the tracks are all metal too, and super cool. This one was painted the same as the D.

Here's the DAK tanks all lined up. I think I now have enough to trouble the 8th Army sufficiently, but I wouldn't mind another Pzkpfw.III from Blitzkrieg... and oh, I have to put stowage on the models in today's post, once the resin stowage packs arrive from Value Gear.

The other thing I did to prepare the DAK for PrairieCon was paint some mounted Panzergrenadiers for the halftracks. Although painting vehicle passengers likely rates only just above painting terrain on the "Conscript Greg productive use of time" scale, I think they look pretty cool. And just kidding, Greg ;-) 

Don't they really bring the models to life? The passengers are from Perry Miniatures of course, and come 10 to a pack, all in different poses and equipped as a standard infantry section: leader with MP40, machinegunner with MG34, assistant with Kar98k and ammo boxes, and seven grenadiers with Kar98ks.

I've got three 251 halftracks in 1:48 from Blitzkrieg, which each fit six passengers, so that leaves two for the platoon commander's Sdkfz.250.

They look pretty cool don't they? Perhaps not the most efficient or productive use of resources or painting time, but I really like them. I just wish the Perrys would stop using that very annoying cotton batten in their boxes, it sticks to the metal and is very difficult to clean off. And if you prime the model with a stray bit of cotton still attached, that's even worse. But apart from that gripe I love them :-)

So until next time... Heia Safari!


pancerni said...

Great looking figures are always worth the effort. The passengers are the finishing touch so rarely given a model of any carrier. Kudos to you.

Greg B said...

Great work on these Dallas, they absolutely bring the tracks to life on the table, well done. And still a much better use of hobby time than ever painting terrain :)