Thursday, March 9, 2023

Commissar Snow White and Her Six Squats

After returning from a week's vacation in Florida I returned to painting for the Challenge! Here are some models I've just finished for my "vintage" Warhammer 40K Squat army. If you like, you can read all about the origins of this crazy project here

Anyway even though I painted a Squat Commissar, I felt like a human female commissar would be a great addition to this army, kind of a Disney vibe right?

The model is a 3D print I got off eBay... I really like the "Anneka Sage" model from Victoria Miniatures, as well as the "Severina Raine" GW model, but they are both crazy expensive. Maybe someday.

I also painted six "command-type" Squats for the army - these are (Lto R) Grom Atchison, Vollmer Adams, and Lisle Sterling, all from the ancient GW metal range.

They're Perry sculpts if I recall correctly, and really nicely detailed. I added a moustache to Lisle with greenstuff as I didn't care for the neckbeard look.

The giant power fist and packs are great too.

The other three are Colt Stoner, Roth Bergmann, and Mauser von Dreyse.

Strangely, Roth (centre) had a stud in the middle of his back, like there was supposed to be a backpack there. So I added one from the bits box.

These Squat models are super-fun to paint and go up surprisingly quickly. I have a bunch more metal models from the old range and I'm sure I'll get to them soon!


rross said...

Great Kommisar figure!

Neil Scott said...

They look great

Dallas said...

Cheers guys! Good to see love for the Squats!

Greg B said...

These are fantastic figures, but in particular I love seeing the old-school squat command figures. Just awesome.