Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Painting Challenge Submission #15 - Sons of Horus Tactical Support

Tactical Support Squad for the Sons of Horus, sporting the dreaded Volkite Caliver.

When you are undertaking a tough endeavour, it is nice to know you can count on support. Even Space Marines need support now and then. And when you are talking about the Sons of Horus, we don't mean moral support - because the moral superiority of the Warmaster is crystal clear. Nor do we mean spiritual support - the Word Bearers have that covered. No, we are talking "tactical support", available here in squad form with Submission #15 to the recently-concluded Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. This is a tactical support squad of the XVI Legion Astartes, sporting Volkite Calivers, all are plastic multi-part figures from GW.

I just love the look of the "Volkite" weapons in the 30k setting.

For those (rare) occasions where the big 20-man tactical squads run into a battlefield issue that is reluctant to move out of the way, these tactical support squads are on hand to lend a boost. Rather than  the sturdy, basic bolt gun, these squads avail themselves to the dizzying array of special, scary weapons, helpful in the particular military situations which might arise 30,000 years into the future. 

Close up of some of the poses...the guns connect at the wrist, which sucks, and leads to some...interesting joins...

The Volkite Caliver is my favourite, because it looks whacky, and is meant to be a giant ray gun. In the great tradition of 30k weapon silliness, there are "Volkite" weapons for every category, from pistols all the way to versions which are equipped and mounted on the massive Titans. 

A view showing the rear packs, and trusty bolt pistols holstered at the hip.

While I continue to love these new plastic kits from GW, the assembly of these was a pain in the @ss, as the instructions are absolutely Kafka-esque, in that they require you to have a DIFFERENT set of instructions, from the basic tactical marine box set, to go with them. Moral of the story - don't throw out your instructions right away...

We're here to support you! You know, in a tactical way!

These guys piled another 50 points on to my total - and will provide handy "death ray" level support to the two big squads of Tactical Marines painted earlier in the Challenge. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!

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Dallas said...

ou can never have too many Volkite Calivers! Great stuff!