Friday, March 10, 2023

More Squat Bikers!

More Squats! These are some resin bikers from Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games

I like these models much better than the old GW bikes, for a few reasons. Not only are they much less expensive to buy (especially if you can take advantage of a Ramshackle sale - these were literally only a couple pounds each), but mostly I like 'em better because they look better! I really dislike the "Harley custom chopper" styling of the GW Squat bikers. If your army is gonna have bikers, much better that they're reasonable looking "kettenkrad" style half-tracked bikes that look like they can support a heavy weapon and gunner.

I selected a variety of weapons for these models, including a couple wicked-looking heavy flamers.

Here's a big gun of some kind, autocannon maybe?

Lascannon here for sure.

The second heavy flamer.

And lastly, a heavy stubber.

The models are all really good and scale decently to the old GW Squats. Sometimes Ramshackle's resin doesn't play well with superglue so a helping hand from some greenstuff or two-part epoxy is required, but they're nice models with very little flash. Arms and heads are separate so you can mix and match.

Here they are with the rest of my Squat army. I have a ton more bikers (just on regular cycles, not half-tracked ones) and a couple more metal models and exo-armour suits to paint, but what I'm working on now is bigger, much bigger... stay tuned :-) 


Neil Scott said...

They look cool, much better than the old GW models

Dallas said...

Thanks Neil!

Greg B said...

The old squat "choppers" do have a sense of nostalgia about them...but that is about it, and you are right, these look much better, while still very much in line with the original squat look and feel. Well done Dallas.