Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bretonnian Grail Knights

 A long time ago I was collecting a Bretonnian Army. I painted up several units and even managed to play a game with them. I think they stunk up the joint as my one memory is Dallas being quite astonished that his Skaven clan rats were marginally better than my men-at-arms. 6th edition was the last update for Bretonnia which resulted in the army being virtually unplayable in later editions. As such, I lost heart and stopped work on them in favor of other projects. I looked on with some amusement as GW killed Warhammer Fantasy. From my perspective, Bretonnia was simply the first one into the dust bin.

But now it's 2023 and GW, perhaps recognizing that their older and somewhat alienated customers are now in or approaching their top income level, is preparing to resurrect Warhammer Fantasy in order to squeeze every last cent it can from them before they become pensioners!  Jokes on them though, 'cuz I didn't throw out any of my Bretonnians!

Here's a unit of 6 Grail Knights. The knights are metal while the horses are plastic. This makes for a very top heavy model. The standard bearer is especially bad and is not allowed to ride on any inclines for fear of toppling.

These guys don't really match the ones I painted all those years ago. The colors are basically the same, but my painting style / ability has changed significantly resulting in a far cleaner and detailed paint job.

I'm going to keep going on these. I still have 6 Questing Knights (not the original, but a conversion), 6 Pegasus Knights, 15 Men-at-Arms, 1 mounted Damsel and a 3rd party Fey Enchantress. My goal is to have them done by end of May.

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Anonymous said...

Oh god I hate Games Workshop.

Dallas said...

MIND. BLOWN. Great work here Mike, I love it!!

Greg B said...

These guys look awesome Mike, and I just love that you have this stash of Brettonian stuff that has been sitting, waiting for the painting table, for this chunk of time - and that you are now getting to it! Great stuff.