Monday, January 17, 2022

Painting Challenge Submission 3 - Space Marine "Cooking" Specialists

We're not here to negotiate...Space Marine "Eradicators" from the Indomitus box set.

My third submission to Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge continued a theme...more scary Space Marines! These are multi-part plastic models for GW's "Warhammer 40,000" setting - they are "Primaris Eradicators", from the "Indomitus" box set released back in 2020. They are painted in the colours of the Raven Guard Chapter (or, I should say, my interpretation of those colours). The decals are from GW, but the embossed Raven Guard chapter symbols on the shoulder plates are from "Pop Goes The Monkey".

As ever, the Sergeant in the unit sports an old-style "beakie" helmet. 

In the setting of Warhammer 40k, space is full of dark, horrible things like rebels, aliens, monsters, accountants and other terrible monsters. Some of these terrors from deep space are so fearsome as to even give the fabled Space Marines a problem or two...or, at least they might, were it not for these sorts of Space Marines. Clad in very, very heavy powered armour (same as that worn by the Heavy Intercessors), these "Eradicators" carrying very terrifying fusion weapons that are quite useful for wiping out vehicles, monsters and other irritating gribblies blocking the great glory of The Emperor.

The "melta rifle" - for when it absolutely, positively has to be "eradicated"....

Yes, when the going gets tough for the Space Marines, they call in the Eradicators, ensuring The Emperor's enemies are rendered down to a few carbon atoms. I mean, the weapons are called "melta rifles" - truly, it's all in the name, as they say. Not much will be left of anything that gets hit with a few of these...

I find the little "explosion" symbol on the shoulder (used to denote heavy support-type elements) looks hilariously close to a Maple Leaf...maybe it is just the effect of the red lining on the shoulder plate. 

I quite like the OTT heavy armour these fellows wear - it is the same kit as the Heavy Intercessors. They are chunky, heavy figures, much taller and heavier than an "average" 28mm human, and in this sense the new range of Space Marine models aligns much more with the sorts of Marines described in the various stories published by GW's Black Library. Again, the design, look and feel of these models are very different to that of the classic Marine models of the Rogue Trader era, but these do have an appeal of their own. These are very heavy sci-fi infantry.

Rear view showing the heavy power packs and - naturally - holstered pistols in case things get a little too close for comfort...
Still more 40k Raven Guard in the Challenge painting queue, so watch this space - and also be sure to check out the amazing work by Mike F, Byron M, Dave V, Dallas and Frederick elsewhere on this blog! 

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FrederickC said...

Nasty looking dudes. Great job, Greg.