Monday, January 24, 2022

28mm Panhard 178 Armoured Cars


Here are two Panhard 178 armoured cars in "28mm" scale (honestly not sure if they are 1/48 or 1/56)... they're from STL files found for free on the Internet and printed for me in resin by Conscript Byron. Thanks man! 

There are a few different paint schemes I've seen for these vehicles so I chose the one that had the most aesthetic appeal for me - this happened to be on a diecast model formerly sold by "King and Country", purveyors of painted toy soldiers in 1/35 (54mm) scale.

The scheme is basically Steel Legion Drab and Castellan Green/Camo Green, outlined with a mix of Castellan Green and black-grey. 

The numerals are decals from my decal folder, and the roundels and number plates were painted freehand.

I'm pretty happy with the models, as they were much much less spendy than the resin version sold by Warlord. The only weak spot on them is the wheels and tires - I think the tires should have a bit more "balloon" to them. Pretty good for a free file though.

These "Pan-Pans" will be good for the early-war scenario being planned by fellow Conscript Frederick. They should be effective on the gaming table too, packing a 25mm AT gun in the turret - enough to make a Panzer I or II jockey think twice.

The Panhard 178s will join my Char B1 bis, Renault R35s and Somua S35 in the display case... I love the French early-war camo schemes. The design and production of these vehicles was apparently somewhat fraught as well - as it turned out, turret production capacity lagged well behind that of the hulls, and ultimately General Gamelin determined that these light cars were ill-suited to modern battlefield conditions and planned for their replacement by heavier Panhard AM40Ps.

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Greg B said...

Great work on these dude. If you had not mentioned the 3D printed aspect to these, I would not have guessed it. They look great (and Byron is a frigging whiz with that stuff).