Tuesday, August 27, 2019

30k Thallax Cohort

Thallax cohort in service of the Iron Hands Legion - models from Forge World.
Here are a few more 30k models - these are "Thallax", spooky killing machines from the Mechanicum faction of the Horus Heresy.  The Thallax are AI-powered - I believe the Mechanicum-speak is "Djinn Sight" or something along those lines.  While the various Mechanicum Forge Worlds would use Thallax in their own military forces, they will also "pledge" them out to various Space Marine Legions.  The three Thallax of this cohort are in service with the loyalist 10th Legion, the "Iron Hands".

Those "lightning guns" are nasty...
In the wake of Horus' rebellion, the Iron Hands faced a critical challenge - a shortage of Iron Hands. Nearly wiped out in the "Dropsite Massacre", the remnants of the 10th Legion will need to scrape together every trooper they can - these pledged Thallax will provide an important boost to low numbers as the Iron Hands fight the desperate campaigns of the Shattered Legions.

Jump-pack systems to aid in battlefield mobility.
You might think that employing Mechanicum AI infantry is a bit of a gamble, like putting militia or levies into the battle line.  Far from it - the Thallax are tough fighting machines, and their "lightning guns" hit hard.  The individual Thallaxi are larger than an individual Space Marine, so they can take a lot of battlefield abuse.  Yet they are also mobile, able to use jump-booster type systems to augment their mobility and get to where you need them most on the table. 

I wish I had purchased more of these models - with larger units you can get into some of their terrifying special weapons, from multi-meltas to "phased plasma fusils" and "photon thrusters".  In the fan-driven 8th edition of 30k, a Thallax unit can be as large as 9 models - quite a force to deal with on the gaming table...

An individual Thallax, size comparison to a Mark IV-armoured Marine from the Thousand Sons (yes, I'm painting more of those too...)
I just love the look of the Thallax models - in fact, the Forge World sculptors have generally just killed it with the whole Mechanicum range from the Horus Heresy.  Just search this blog for photos of Byron's awesome 30k Mechanicum army, it looks amazing.  Thallax units in particular have an unsettling, spooky look to them that fits perfectly into the 30k universe.  No human, even in the grim darkness of the far future, is going to see a Thallax unit arrive and think to themselves "oh, thank goodness, I feel better".

Thallax ready to move out...gloss coat under the decals can still be seen...will be addressed once the humidity subsides and it is safe to use matte sprays.
These models are not completely finished - they need a coat of matte spray to remove the gloss finish from underneath the decals on their shoulder plates, after which I will apply gloss to the creepy domes on their heads.  But that will wait until after Labour Day, when the humidity fades away.

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Dallas said...

Amazing stuff as always Greg. "Save Ferrus!"

Neil Scott said...

They look great

Moiterei_1984 said...

They look rather intimidating my friend! Very well done on the painting.