Saturday, August 3, 2019

Loyalist Land Raider Encore

Another loyalist Land Raider - further reinforcements for the 10th Legion.  You can see there is already some battle damage on the tracks...pursuing revenge against Horus is rough work...
Who can imagine the diet of the Space Marine Legionnaires of the 31st millennium? When you've got a Preomnor (among so many other interesting physical enhancements) I suppose it could include just about anything.  But if you serving in the 10th Legion, one imagines your diet will be high in  iron, and, let's say, "proteus"! Here is a second Land Raider for my 30k Loyalists from the Iron Hands.  Like the one I painted earlier this summer, this is an "Armoured Proteus" variant.

Decals from Forge World, very useful.

I tried to chip up the tank a fair bit...I imagine service with one of the "shattered Legions" would be pretty rough.
These models are difficult at times to assemble, and they are usually too tricky for me to do it properly.  I just don't have those skills. So this tank was also assembled by Steve B, and I'm grateful for his assistance! A close inspection of the photo will reveal a lot of damage to different track sections.  Given what a vehicle in the service of the 10th Legion will have endured during the Horus Heresy, the look doesn't bother me too much, but from a model-assembly standpoint, wow, this would be a pain in the @ss.  Steve B is a whiz at this stuff, however, and his skills overcame this challenge, no problem - which is great news for me! Thanks Steve!

You can see more damage on the tracks, and also get a look at the definitely non-carbon-neutral engine system on the vehicle.
You will see in the photos that there is still some gloss finish under the decals.  I haven't yet applied a matte spray over the model, as I'm out at the lake, and the humidity out here makes spraying models a risky prospect.  I'll apply the matte spray when I return home.

Ready to roll out...once it gets back from the lake.
With this addition to the loyalist arsenal, my Iron Hands forces are starting to get serious enough to stand on their own during a 30k game.  We have an Iron Father, a veteran tactical squad, two squads of Medusan Immortals, a Contemptor Dreadnought, and now two Land Raiders that will provide transport and heavy armoured fire support. This should make for some fun 30k mayhem this fall!


MFraser said...

Wow! This army is starting to take off. Look forward to it’s first game. Great job!

Dallas said...

Oh baby! Nice work dude!

JamieM said...

I love the look of these old skool land raiders, top job on it!

Moiterei_1984 said...

You‘re on fire my friend! The Emperor protects ;-)

Neil Scott said...

Very nice

DaveV said...

I really love the look of these "future-retro" tanks.