Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Renegade Bomb Rats?!?

For my birthday this year my wife bought me two sets of Anvil Miniatures' superb little bomb rats. Each comes with four cute little rodents strapped with explosives, jerrycans, artillery shells, etc. I thought that these fellows would be a great addition to my 40K Chaos Renegades army (some Renegade content here, here and here).

The paintjob on the rats is pretty straightforward - Mournfang Brown fur and Cadian Flesh muzzles, with the explosives and webbing in shades of red and tan respectively, the whole washed down with Agrax Earthshade.

Love these guys!

Their Renegade handler is painted in the standard Renegade style with field-grey tunic and camouflage pants. The pointing arm is from a Cadian Heavy Weapons box. The other arm is a GW part, but with the "controller" hand included with the rats pack.

I'm not sure what rules we'll use for these fellows if they ever make it into a game, but in any event they're certainly a fun and quirky addition to the army!


tim said...

These are fantastic! A fun little addition to the Renegades!

AmyC said...

If I recall correctly House Cawdor in Necromunda uses Bomb Rats so may you could use their rules and just house rule them into your renegades list?

Greg B said...

Great work Dallas. I’m sure these little critters will be fun on the tabletop.

Dallas said...

Thanks for the comments all, and good idea Amy!

Curt said...

Great minis Dal! I may have to get some of those for my Metro 2033 collection.