Sunday, April 26, 2015

40K Chaos Renegades Update - Ogryns, Cyclops, Mechanics

This weekend I interrupted 30K activity to finish off some 40K models. First up were the two metal Ogryns I'd converted to finish off a squad for my Renegades army.
 These guys actually went up fairly quickly.

I just love the sheer character in these old models. The gasmasks turned out rather well I think.

The Bone 'Ead squad leader has a bit of a different look to his mask, to accommodate his bionic eye. 

The sculpt, again, is great - I love the small tears in the undershirt.

Here's the completed squad!

Next up is a Cyclops demolition tank from Forgeworld. Since I had some spare Renegade torsos and bits around, I figured I'd convert an operator for the vehicle as well.

The vehicle was a snap to paint - just like a full size vehicle but in miniature ;-)

Hope you can get a peek at the screen I painted in on the remote.

Renegade Cyclops operator was painted in the standard Renegade uniform - camo pants and field-grey tunic.

Lastly, here's a couple of figures my wife got me for Christmas - some special-order Imperial Guard Astra Militarum vehicle mechanics.

I converted the models with MaxMini gasmask heads to fit into the Renegade force.

I love the 40K Fitbit the guy on the left is sporting. Or is it an iWatch???

One last shot of the Cyclops. That's it for tonight!

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Millsy said...

Absolutely marvellous Dallas. I love the converted Ogryns!