Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Painting Challenge Theme Entry - 40k Tau Gunslinger

Tau "gunslinger"

The last bonus theme round for Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge was "Gambler/Risk-Taker".  For this round I submitted this "Tau Gunslinger" from a company called "Wargames Exclusive".  They make all manner of borderline GW-themed sculpts which are either clever enough to avoid the hilarious IP enforcement battalions of Nottingham or simply are not significant enough to attract their interest to begin with.  I am no lawyer, and I leave that to others of appropriate education and background to opine upon...

Scenic base is a nice touch
I thought this very cool sculpt was at once clearly a Tau, and decidely not-Tau in his appearance or demeanor.  Your "typical" Tau is a smug combination of psuedo-social-democratic political outlooks, caste cultures and rail guns. The Tau generally let their guns do the talking, but it is usually big guns. Like, really big.  Not sidearms.  Over the years the Tau have evolved into one of several factions which have served to ruin the prospects of balanced 40k games, although the models have always had a cool look to them, and over time have seen a number of (generally) even cooler new releases.   

I tried to make his cloak "pop" with a bright red
This fellow, however, doesn't seem to need a Riptide suit (over whatever it's called).  He's prepared to walk right up to you and quick-draw with the blasters.  Of course, knowing how advanced Tau weaponry is, the pistols are probably armed with subatomic ammunition or something...but anyway, I liked this figure a lot.  The sculpt was well done, and it was a real joy to paint - the first Tau figure I have painted in close to 12 years, I think. 

The detail on this sculpt was lovely - very, very well done
"Go ahead - make my greater good day..."

The Sixth Analogue Painting Challenge concludes this weekend.  I've passed my points target, and I've managed to hit all of the bonus theme rounds, so I'm feeling good about that.  On the down side I'm poised to lose all three of my side duels.  In fact, I'm getting obliterated in my "sci-fi" side duel, but I may find a way to catch Byron in the "modern mayhem" duel...we'll see...


Michael Awdry said...

He is a splendid piece of work, great job Sir.

myincubliss said...

That cloak is especially lovely!

The Angry Lurker said...

He's good work Greg!

Samuli said...

Great work Greg! Wargame Exclusive really has some really nice sculpts (and certainly some very exaggerated ones as well) on offer.