Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Trenchworx Kickstarter Arrives! (28mm WWI Tanks and Beute MKIV)

Just in time for New Year's (in fact, on Monday), the mailman brought me some resin tanks from the Trenchworx Kickstarter! (and some nice extras - 10 dice holders and 4 coasters)

I'd signed up for a squadron deal of FT-17s (3 models) and added on a British MKIV as well as another FT for Conscript Dave's WWII Finns. I'd hoped to use the MKIV in our New Year's Day game as a German "Beutepanzer" alongside their A7V, so I needed to get cracking on it!

Here are the resin pieces after washing. The components were extremely clean and finely cast, with little to no cleanup required. Everything was neatly bagged - no instructions though!
Assembly went very smoothly. One thing to remember when assembling this model is to insert the gun mounts into the sponsons from the back side, not from the front. Then attach the guns themselves last.

The kit includes 6 rare earth magnets with holes already countersunk. This allows you to swap out the sponsons to make a Male, Female, or even a Hermaphrodite vehicle.
Fokker scourge over the trenches, scouting for the New Year's game...

Here's the finished Beute MKIV. I added some light mud along the tracks before priming black, then basecoated the tank dark yellow, following that with a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade. Camo was lightly stippled in with Catachan Green and Doombull Brown, tracks painted Mechanicus Standard Grey, then the whole thing washed again with Agrax. Crosses and tactical numbers were painted by hand before more weathering - drybrushed earth tones along the bottom of the vehicle and over the applied mud. Some sponge chipping and dusty powder completed the work.

 Male and...

Female - magnets make it easy to switch genders ;-)

I'm super-impressed with this model. The resin was great quality and well finished, and makes a very attractive vehicle. Moreover, the Kickstarter ran very smoothly. Trenchworx sent regular updates and maintained a detailed spreadsheet of work in progress, keeping backers apprised of status. Full marks to them for managing the process impeccably.

Looking forward to the game tomorrow!


Stuart S said...

I missed this kickstarter those look great. One for the wish list of 2015.

ByronM said...

Having seen this in person, amazing job Dallas. Now to get to mine, I hope they come out even 1/2 as good.

DaveV said...

Great work, Dallas.

The FT-17 i got is a beautiful casting. Love the magnets, too. Really well thought out kits.