Thursday, December 4, 2014

13th Annual Winnipeg Harvest Game Day - Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014

From their site:
"It’s time for our annual Winnipeg Harvest Game Day! This will be our 13th year! Come on down Saturday, December 6 to play some games, and donate non-perishable food items to Winnipeg Harvest. Every $5 of food you give gets you a ticket for cheating! (which can then be used in the games you play, you cheaters you).

Plus we’ll have prizes! Baked goods! Candy!

Hope to see you out to do some gaming for a good cause."

Just a quick plug, I am running a Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game scenario at 11:30AM:
"Santa is bringing good cheer to the Death Star v.3.0. The Imperials are escorting him to a docking bay. The Rebels, in a perhaps misguided attempt to control the narrative, are trying to stop him!
Will Life Day be spoiled?
All miniatures, materials, templates, and dice supplied. Players will fly either Imperial TIE Fighters or Rebel X-Wings."

I remember helping plan the original event, back in the day. It was a Warhammer 40K mega-game, IIRC. Good times.

Contact info:
Imagine Games
246 Mc Dermot Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 452-8711

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Dallas said...

"Lo and behold!" (get it? get it?)

Sounds like a great event, Dave!