Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WW1 Take the Farm - Display Pictures

One of my major goals when entering Curt's Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge was to get my World War 1 German and Canadian forces done.  Even if not "complete", as I have over 100 models for each force, to get enough done to game with.

Well, goal accomplished, at least on a small scale.

Here are some images of a table that I setup to work through the rules and to teach my son's the game "Through the Mud and the Blood".  Since I had it all setup anyway, I figured I would take some pictures to show off the figures all together.

For anyone who has not tried out the TTMATB rules, they are by the same team that did the more recent Chain of Command, and are a great set of rules.  Better yet, unlike GW rule books, they are reasonably priced!

The table I setup depicts the Canadians from the 10th and 16th battalions trying to take two farm houses at a cross-roads.

The Canadians are coming up from the south
and the Germans hold the north edge.

The Canadian 10th battalion sections have crept up along the west flank and are getting ready for a sneak attack through the bocage. The 16th battalion has a section similarly forward in the bocage but they are along the east front of the enemy.  One poor section of Scots from the 16th has been sent down the road as a decoy unit to get the germans to reveal their positions.  My storyline is that they cooked Hagis last night for dinner, and the rest of the battalion did not approve, therefore they got the decoy job.
The Canadian deployment
The 10th battalion draws the long straw
and gets to fully deploy in cover.

The lucky Scots that get to have some
cover along the east edge of the table.

The Germans have setup in the two farm house at the cross roads and have the advantage of defending some sturdy brick and plaster field walls, as well as the cover that the burned out farm houses provide.

The German Rifle section along the west wall.

The German Riflemen added to the
HMG along the east flank.


The German HMG has the "decoy" unit sited in.  Ouch!!

Here are some other random pictures of the setup, showing the Canadians getting ready to surprise the Germans from the bocage.

The bocage is all hand made from wood bases, furnace filter, and clump foliage.  The buildings are 4ground buildings and the walls I made on a laser cutter.

For detailed pictures of the units you can find them on Curts blog here:
More will come I continue to work on the painting challenge.

Overall though, not a bad start to both forces, as I now have roughly 60 more WW1 models painted than I had 6 weeks ago.  At that point it was 2.... a sample fig of each to figure out paint colours.

Now, to get some games in with them.


Dallas said...

Looking forward to gaming with these guys, they look great, and the terrain is super too!

Greg B said...

Great stuff Byron.
Why do farms make for such great gaming scenarios? :)

ByronM said...

The farmers always have lots of booze stored in the cellar to raid?

Just a wild guess.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Nice to see some of the Challenge entries on a battlefield actually. Must be lots of fun to play with.

Chris said...

Nice looking minis and table. Hope the Canucks can knock the pickelhaubes off those krauts before the machine guns cause too much damage.

legatus hedlius said...

That's quite a simple but really effective layout. Old school but modern at the same time. Stylish!