Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sedition Wars Project - Progress Report #2

Ask Conscript Brian, I am plagued by unpainted minis, and I have trouble finishing projects. So, I hope that quasi-regular blogging about this project will keep me honest.

I am, surprisingly, keeping disciplined. The first wave of my Vanguard figures for Sedition Wars are now cleaned up, assembled, and primed. It's my usual zenithal highlighting; primed the figures black with P3 spray primer, then airbrushed highlights with Acryl flat white.

Below, Samaritans and AI drones. They will be green, with orange visors where applicable.

Close-up of special weapons troopers.

The named characters.

Below, I am going to paint Captain Kara Black with red hair, like Alice from the Resident Evil movie franchise.

Akosha Nama will have purple hair and a grey jumpsuit, like Major Matoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell.

The medic, Morgan Vade, was a bitch to get together. Four hours clean-up time, due to the tricky restic material and tiny details.

Heavy weapons dude Barker Zosa was another complicated figure. Another four hours I will never get back. I do like the sculpt. Even with the exo-skelton, it looks like the guy is carrying a lot of weight around.

I am using a Hasslefree Miniatures female sci-fi figure in scout armour to use as "Tech Com Kara Black"; it's mounted on a Studio McVey resin base (note the crisper details on the base). This figure is a lovely, delicate, one-piece sculpt. It's a resin master, so the fig was basically pristine, with no blemishes. Five minutes prep time, tops, before priming.

Next up, lots of layered washes.


Greg B said...

Keep going Dave!
Four hours of prep on a mini? Ouch. I hate resin sooo much...

DaveV said...

The resin/plastic ("restic") of the Studio McVey figures combines the worst features of plastic and resin. Softer detail, yet doesn't take a file well.

Conversely, the resin master from Hasslefree was almost perfect; however, it did cost more than a single McVey fig.

ByronM said...

Awesome progress Dave!

Are you doing the Strain as well for this challenge? or just the Vanguard?

Either way, as soon as you are done we will have to get them on the table for a Thursday night game. I can bring out all the crates, roads, and buildings when you are ready.