Friday, January 24, 2014

Rogue Trader Anniversary Figure - Finally Painted!

Rogue Trader 25th Anniversary figure...painted two years later (ahem)
As I mentioned with this recent submission to Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, time sure flies!. The 25th Anniversary of "Warhammer 40,000 - Rogue Trader" seems relatively recent to me, but it was actually in 2012, just about two years ago.  In keeping with GW's sure-fire tin ear and clueless lack of self-awareness, the company celebrated this significant anniversary with a special White Dwarf featuring Gandalf on the cover. But they also released a special figure to commemorate the occasion - a figure inspired by the Crimson First leading a doomed last stand from the cover of the rulebook.  These were limited edition models issued at the time and I picked a couple up because I am a shameless fanboy, and I love Rogue Trader.
Will always love this cover!
He's pretty close to that dude in the middle...
This has been sitting primed since February 2012…thank goodness for Curt's painting challenges that encourage to get these kind of projects finished!  For whatever reason I have been on a Rogue Trader kick during this painting challenge, and this figure was the latest.

The scenic base guessed it..skulls! Three of them!
You have the option of mounting it directly on the scenic base beside the standard, or mounting the officer on a smaller base separately.  I went with a separate base for the Commander, leaving the banner to be a piece of scenery, and objective or terrain. 
Why use that plasma pistol, when you can chuck an Ork head at the enemies of the Emperor?
It's a really, really nice figure and a nice souvenir. GW, though, it can't take two steps forward without taking one-and-a-half (or three) back.  The problem in this case? The figure was made of "Finecast" instead of proper metal. Finecast is not new anymore, but this is the first Finecast figure I have worked with. "Finecast" combines the issues of resin with the floppiness of soft plastic - all of the price of gold, a combo only GW could master. I was pretty concerned based on what I was reading about Finecast online, but fortunately I was spared many of the more serious problems (holes, deformed casting etc) this crap medium seems to present to many other gamers.  
The banner literally flopped around while painting it, but you can't fault the detail
Although I was lucky, I can see why people think Finecast sucks.  The detail on the figure is really something, but the banner in particular was tricky to paint as Finecast has all of the tensile strength of a wet noodle - even my 8/0 brush caused it to bend! The experience did not pump me up to seek out other Finecast figures, although GW seems to be out of the metal business so more and more of its products are cast in this medium. Let's hope the rumours I have seen online are true, and that Finecast is truly toast.  Resin figures are bad enough - Finecast can just rot.

Bring on the Red Star Orks!
Anyway, for all that nerd rage, the figure was still fun to paint and I'm glad to have it done.  The sculpt is very loyal to the inspiration of the image on the Rogue Trader book cover, right down to the ominous Ork head being waved around in his right hand. As I continue to build up my little collection of Crimson Fist troops this fellow will fit right in.  Dallas and I have been pondering a Rogue Trader game for a while, so who knows? This guy could get capped very soon on the table.  Would be fitting if he went down in style, as the fellows on the old Rogue Trader cover do.


Loki said...

Fantastic work love the colours and very nice base work

Ray Rousell said...

Not my thing at all, but you've got to admire the wonderful paintwork, nice one Greg!

DeanM said...

Nice! Love the huge fist. dean

DaveV said...

Great work!

(I still have not started mine.)

Lillian Charles said...

Drrr, it had the freakin' 40k cover on THE REVERSE. Jeez, how dense are you?

Oh and hating on Finecast is so fucking old its just tired now.

Greg B said...

Why Ian, you're right! If hundreds and hundreds of years of publishing have taught us anything, it's that the big news is ALWAYS on the BACK COVER!

You go enjoy Finecast, and I'll go check the back of every publication I have and see what else I missed.

Dallas said...

Welcome back Ian! We missed you :-D

Chuckaroobob said...

Looking good! And go on, play an RT game soon! It's such an improvement on all the subsequent editions it's not even funny.

ByronM said...

Great stuff Greg!

As for the finecast... thankfully, it died a quite death, with no formal notification that it was disappearing, but is essentially gone, no new finecast in a long time from what I know of.

I managed to not acquire a single finecast model, HURRAY!

Unknown said...

That is so amazing! Too bad I already converted my own. Not quite as accurate as that, but pretty good.