Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Official - Bolt Action Rules, OK?

In a recent pseudo-scientific poll of blog readers, fifty-one of you voted on your favourite WW2 skirmish ruleset... the winner, with 27% of the votes cast, was Warlord's new "Bolt Action" rules.

Other favourites were IABSM (7%), Rules of Engagement (11%), Disposable Heroes (13%), Nuts! (1%), and Something Else (17%, a pretty popular ruleset!). Nineteen percent of you say you don't play WW2 skirmish games. Or perhaps you just won't admit to it, which is OK too.

In any event, congratulations Warlord Games!


Mike A said...

Received my book today. It's very lovely. Plus, the limited mini is nice as well.

Kevin Holland said...

Yup - got my copy today too. Very high production values!

Kevin Holland said...
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