Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nova Respublik Heavy AT Gun - 15mm Sci Fi

Back to the future - 100mm AT gun for the Nova REspublik
It is wonderful to be on vacation in northern Ontario - and wonderful that I can pack up the paints and a few pending projects and work on them along the shores of Lake Superior.  One of the projects that had been sitting in the "pending" pile for some time was this notion of a heavy AT gun for my 15mm sci-fi Nova Respublik/Red Faction troops.  I had put this together earlier this year when I was adding stuff to the 15mm sci-fi collection.
Crew are various Khurasan models - the infantry platoon officer is the gun commander
The "Nova Respublik" are very much near-future Soviet/Russian troops - and I find them to be some of the nicest near-future sic-fi figures on the market period (note to GW - this is what Imperial Guardsmen should look like).  While of course the near-future troops would rely on missiles to knock out vehicles (much as current troops do), to keep some "Soviet" flavour to the force I thought a nice big AT gun would fit in well.  The Soviet/Russian army has 100mm AT guns in the arsenal (admittedly, much lower on the depth chart that missiles and other up to date kit), but if the other guys roll out armoured stuff, shooting big guns at it can't hurt...
The AT gun is from QRF - it barely holds together - a total sh*t model

The infantry models are from Khurasan's Nova Respublik/Red Faction range, and as I raved above, are some of the best figures out there for sci-fi, in any scale.  I used the officer figure, one of the guys from the mortar team, and a couple of spare guys from the other heavy weapon teams to stand in as the gun crew.
The crew will have some kind of fancy-pants sci-fi rounds...

The gun itself is a 15mm Soviet/Russian 100mm AT gun from QRF.  QRF quality is very hit-and-miss, and the quality of the gun and the crew that came with it was complete sh*t.  The gun barely fit together - and is still barely holding together on the base.  The cannon has the strength of a piece of spaghetti. The Russian crew that came with it very much resembled little lead metal turd plops (fortunately I was not looking to use them anyway).  The whole thing looked like something that had barfed out of the moulds.  Thank goodness for black primer.
Top view - not sure the barrel of the gun will last long...
All the same, it turned out OK - it is supposed to be a big gun, and it pretty much looks like one. The crew make or break the model in this case, and the crew are of the very reliable quality from Khurasan.
Ready for action!
This gun will look forward to some action when we return to 15mm sci-fi on the Fawcett Avenue table sometime soon.  In addition to 100mm future-HEAT rounds, I'm sure it will be armed with extra fancy, depleted-uranium-baby-seal-eye AT rounds or something.

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Curt said...

Nice work Greg! You're right, the crew really help finish off the base.