Monday, May 17, 2010

Final Defeat for Future Gordon Brown

Future Gordon Brown is briefed on the outcome of the engagement

Well, given the few highs and many lows of Gordon Brown's prime-ministership, it is hardly surprising to see the future mimics the present when it comes to the exploits of Future Gordon Brown and the FutureBrits in our entertaining SpaceKrieg setting.

Since the British electorate has now deprived us of Gordon Brown, last week we played a tribute game to the hapless outgoing UK PM. Set on the otherwise non-threatening Planet K, the sinister FuturKom has marshalled a Device Of Widespread Annihilation. At the (possibly enabled) insistence of FutureHansBlix, a coalition of Gün Schwarm and FutureBrits swung into action to protect interplanetary order and secure the DOWA for, er, "research" purposes. This represented Future Gordon Brown's last gambit at achieving a military success which might convince the voters of FutureUK to at least accept his party in some kind of coalition government.

Dallas' outstanding "DOWA", a 1/48 SCUD missile model kit, made for an awesome objective

The game was set on a 6'x4' table, with the DOWA and accompanying FutureKom escort in the middle. Dallas and the elusive Cam rolled with the Kom, while Mike F pushed his hard working Brtis, and I went with the Schwarm.

An odious FutureKom detachment prepares to escape with the DOWA, aided by the ubiquitous T-340s

Mike and I set the Schwarm and the Brits in a blockade on either side. The Kom had to get the DOWA off one of the short edges of the table. Beyond establishing that the "Coalition" side could not fire direclty on the DOWA, we really did not get too precise about the conditions, but as it turned out this didn't matter, since the Coalition turned in a pretty lousy performance.

FutureBrit troops move into position, privately relieved that FutureKom seems to want to run over the other guys instead...

Dallas and Cam opted to try and push through the GünSchwarm line, which I thought was foolhardy. After all, I had a Space Panther and the beloved Schwarm-Bot. How could we not prevail?

"Seriously - there are no enemy troops out there - now stay off the radio...

Pretty easily, as it turns out. Try as I might, I could not convince the Panther crew to spot anything, and the tank was ultimately knocked out by the Cam and Dallas' T-340s. Schwarm-Bot had a good time knocking out some FutureKom suits, but overall added little to the battle other than a few beeps and a pleasant retro-GW figure vibe. The Kom broke through my line easily, spearheaded by a few bomb zombies. Hardly Operation Bagration material...

Artist image of Gün Schwarm Space Panther commander

The Brits had a not-great outing too, but to give Mike F credit, his lads ultimately got their stuff together and began to mow down the Kommies. By that time, the DOWA was just about safely off the opposite table edge. In the very last turn of the game, my Gün Grenadiers realized how bad they were going to look in the after action report, so they suddenly took the safeties off their weapons and shredded some FuturKom troops, but this was way too little, too late. I talked smack about a Gav Thorpe moral victory, but the fact is that the Kom got the job done, and will now be able to threaten Planet K with a DOWA. No doubt Future Nick Clegg will be gloating at this last set back Future Gordon Brown.

"Another example of the failure of Future Gordon Brown!"

If this is a sign of the abilities of Coalitions, I fear for the people of the UK.

Up next will be some warm up games for Prairie Con, which the Conscripts will be rolling out to Shock and Awe once again this year. Thanks to Dallas for hosting, and to everyone who rolled out!


Dallas said...

Outstanding report on a fun game! (hope you don't mind that I fixed a couple typos)

If I can ever get the pics of the RT game to load I'll post a report on that. Lazy b*stard, me...

Greg B said...

If there were only a couple of typos in there, I would be shocked - thanks for catching them.

Yes - the RT game demands a high-profile posting...we need that content to drive our huge, high profile advertising budget..