Friday, September 15, 2023

Are You (Really) Ready for Some Blood Bowl???

So Conscript Greg was back for a visit a couple weeks ago and suggested we play a long-delayed game of Blood Bowl, pitting my Rat-thletic Club Skavenblight team against his Carroburg Crimson Commanders. As I've been wanting to play this game for over 10 years (!) I was really enthusiastic to get it on!
I'm not gonna go through a blow-by-blow account of the game (being new to the rules we managed to play only one half) but it was super-fun and I totally get how Greg's LFGS crowd is really into it. We used the old Astrogranite board which I painted years ago, and just one note - the squares fit my old-school 25mm round bases much better than the new-fangled 32mm bases that Greg's team sports.

The game itself was a hoot - Greg's hapless Ogre's stupidity was matched only by the viciousness of my own Rat Ogre, who managed to put at least two of his OWN TEAMMATES (!) in the infirmary. 

There was certainly a lot of the old ultra-violence. Neither the Skaven nor the Imperials had much other than a ground game :-)

Both teams came close to scoring (the Commanders with a long run down the sideline just barely stopped by a Skaven Lineman playing safety, and a Blitzer; the Skaven with a run down the opposite sideline that came to grief with the Blitzer failing his "push it" roll and fumbling the ball on our last possession) but the half ended scoreless.

The game was great fun (I think even Dave V. and Mike F. had fun watching the mayhem) and I'm sure we'll get at Blood Bowl again, I even went out and bought the current rulebook which is a really nice hardback. I also have two metal teams to paint so there is some hobbying to do yet!


MFraser said...

It was definitely spectator friendly and a box set may have unexpectedly turned up on my doorstep!

Dallas said...

Hahaha that's awesome Mike!

Neil Scott said...

Bloodbowl is a fun game and easy to get hooked into. Pick up Deathzone and try 7s for fast games

Curt said...

Delighted that you all had a great game of it. Never played myself, but would love to watch sometime.

Greg B said...

This game was insanely fun, and I credit Dallas for keeping the flame of Blood Bowl alive over the years. Having played a couple of times now I can see why people get such a kick out of it. Thanks again for hosting Dallas!