Sunday, September 24, 2023

Steel Legion Roughriders

I finally finished a 10-man unit of roughriders for the Steel Legion. I copied Dave Taylor and converted gas masks onto Bretonnian warhorses for the mounts. I think they came out pretty well. The riders are from Mad Robot Miniatures and they’re all armed with explosive hunting lances. Not sure how these will do against Dallas’ sisters, but they’re not a lot of points and should be pretty entertaining.

I also completed a second unit for The Doomed! The Reborn Covens are a group that have turned to genetic manipulation in order to survive. This faction is probably the most wide open to conversion. I kept it mine simple and used 40k orks and heads swapped with pig heads from Max Mini. They went on ok, but require some shaving of the neck joint to fit properly. Painted in flesh tone they look like humans that have spliced their DNA with animals to make a stronger, more robust warrior.

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Codsticker said...

Love the Rough Riders- very nice!

Greg B said...

Wow, fantastic work as usual Mike.
Those roughriders are so...perfect for the setting. Exploding lances. What could go wrong?

Dallas said...

Roughriders - cool. Pig-faced dudes - freaky AF. Nice work man!

MFraser said...

Yeah, there’s something very off putting about painting orks in flesh tones.