Tuesday, September 19, 2023

More Sisters of Battle Rhinos and Doombellow the Warped!

OK so here's another update on the continuing Sisters project - knocked off two more Rhino chassis, that makes six in total for the army.

The vehicles are of course festooned with details from Troll under the Bridge/chaostemple.cz (purity seals, door fleurs-de-lys, and front hatch emblem) and Wargame Exclusive (book).

Painted in the usual 3rd-edition 40K style with edge highlighting and pretty mild weathering.

The storage box is metal, from my bits box. I have several more of these and no idea where they came from, but they look OK I think.

Rhino #6, same as above.

Hand-painted fleurs-de-lys for aerial recognition, just as on all my Sisters Rhinos.

And now for something completely different... Doombellow the Warped!

On a recent trip to Calgary I stopped in at the Sentry Box - a must-visit hobby store. The Sentry Box also has a big cabinet of old OOP Games Workshop and Citadel miniatures and gaming stuff that attracts me like a neo-dymium magnet :-)

And in that cabinet (or rather, in a bag hanging on the wall beside said cabinet) was this guy. He was reasonably well painted and obviously part of a large collection of Citadel miniatures from the 1980s that had been sold to or consigned with the shop. After I got him back to Winnipeg I tuned up the paintwork somewhat (flesh, horns, hooves, woodwork on the weapons, and the stone axe blade which was solid red for some reason???)

I also did a little research to see what model I actually had here, and was somewhat surprised to find... 

Huh! No axe in his right hand! Definitely the same model but either a variation or (more likely) a clever conversion by the original owner. The axe is metal as well and who knows where it came from, but the conversion was very well done.
I also rebased him of course, and you can see from the photo above how big a model this is, two pounds fifty back in 1987.

I really like this model and hope you do too - it's a real Oldhammer throwback isn't it!

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Greg B said...

Great work on a classic figure and classic models - an old school monster, and classic old Rhino APCs. The Sisters of Battle are certainly different in many ways, but I'm sure, like any of us, they will certainly appreciate a ride to work!