Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Sisters of Battle Repentia and Themed Scatter Terrain

Work continues on the insane Sisters of Battle project with another different unit - the infamous Sisters Repentia led by their Mistress Superior (!). These are all metal of course, from their first release.

It has to be said that Games Workshop went full-BDSM with this release (wait'll you see the Repentia themselves). The Mistress Repentia is a rather... ample woman with a suit of power armour that looks like it was designed for Madonna by Jean-Paul Gaultier but it definitely suits the vibe. Purity seals galore here as well, but doth she protest too much...?

Spiky neural powerwhips complete the look. And we can't forget the bonfire on top of her head either.

On to the main attraction, the Repentia themselves! These are Sisters of Battle who have sinned or transgressed in some way, reported themselves to their Superior, then "taken up the ceremonial eviscerator and [sought] redemption upon the field of battle." Makes you feel good about the Imperium doesn't it?? 

This one's the best of the bunch - some folks paint her with a bald head but I just gave her a headscarf.

These two are very similar sculpts. There was a really limited selection of metal Repentia - I think I read somewhere there were nine models but only four base sculpts.

From the back. I have to say that I didn't super-enjoy painting these models. I think it was because of the lack of detailed photos of painted ones on the web. For example, two of 'em have a book (I think?) strapped to their belts. But do you think I could find a detailed photo of how people painted this? No. Anyway, there's a unit done. I might paint more if I come across more metal ones at a decent price, but I'm not gonna kill myself looking for them.

 Next up, here's some scatter terrain!

I'm a big fan of medieval English tomb effigies and I wanted my Sisters of Battle to have this vibe too. So it was a no-brainer to take some excellent Hasslefree Miniatures models (on sale!), Troll Under the Bridge/Chaostemple.cz iconography, and tombs 3D-printed for me by Conscript Byron, and make some of my own! 

The models of course are "Tiriel" from Hasslefree. Easy paint jobs as they're drybrushed up in an alabaster tone. A simple project but I think they'll look cool in a ruined cloister.

This one you might have seen before - it was on top of one of the tombs, then someone quite reasonably asked "why is the coffin on TOP OF the tomb?" So I based it on a GW cavalry based with some plasticard elements, as a standalone stasis tomb for some (un?)lucky Sister. The model is made of spare parts from the plastic Penitent Engine kit, really handy.

Anyway that's it for now, stay tuned for more Sisters stuff coming soon!

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Greg B said...

So. Much. Repentance!
Great work Dallas, awesome to see this project continuing to roll along!