Friday, December 2, 2022

Warmaster - Trolls!

Trolls! Metal castings from GW's long-OOP "Warmaster" range.

As I continue to play "catch up" on the blog posting, it is time to share another diversion from 30k stuff - trolls! Not online trolling, but instead the trolls of GW's Old World! Yes, here we are back into GW's old "Warmaster" game, with a unit of trolls for my orc & goblin army. These are old OOP metal castings from GW. 

Brilliant old metal sculpts from GW.

The orc & goblin army is home to a wide assortment of creatures large and small - these fellows definitely land in the "large" side! They won't be following orders that carefully, but once stuck into a fight, a unit of trolls will be hard to overcome, particularly as they can regenerate wounds! While not the most disciplined marching companions, once the battle actually comes they would be useful in everything from absorbing the charge or enemy cavalry to beating up enemy units in protracted scraps. 

Nice assortment of stone clubs, club made with the teeth of some terrible monster, and one fellow just carrying a plain old rock!

Ready to wreck some sh*t in the Old World!

Each time I have had the opportunity to crack open one of these classic blister packs, savour the sweet 1990s air, and work on classic old metal Warmaster figures has been a real treat. I know exciting things are happening these days with digital design and 3D printing etc, but GW's metal Warmaster figure range was a real triumph, and I will always wish I could have hoarded away more of the stuff (what I wouldn't give for a metal Araby army!!). It is a great treat to work on these old metal figures, and I like to proceed at a sort of stately painting pace while working on them, keeping the nostalgia flashbacks coming at a decent pace.

At best, my brush can only approximately capture the stunning details on these old metal castings.

Onward into the Old World!

Any good raid out of the mountains and into the more settled (and delicious!) areas of the Warhammer Old World will be that much more fun with these fellows along for the trip! That's all for now - thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more! Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge XIII looms - certainly some more Warmaster projects are likely to figure in my efforts there, and I know other Conscripts are preparing their own projects as well. Hope to see you here again soon.


Bill said...

Really great work on these! I love the varied blue and green skin tones.

Simon said...

I like these a lot!

Grenzer John said...

I still enjoy Warmaster. It has to be one of the best games GW put out... in my opinion,

Dallas said...

Excellent work here dude, really like the contrasty highlighting.