Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Yet Another 30k Imperial Fist Tactical Squad

Fresh victims for the Warmaster! More defenders for the Siege of Terra...

Continuing to catch my blog posting up with my painting, and in this post we veer back once more to GW's 30k setting and the new "Age of Darkness" box set. This is yet another Space Marine tactical squad, clad in Mark VI plate and wearing the colours of the VII Legion Astartes, the Imperial Fists, the stubborn and doomed defenders of Terra. These are multi-part plastic figures from the new GW "Age of Darkness" box set.

A selection of the new marines...

I continue to really enjoy painting these new plastic 30k marines!

These figures were base coated in white, using Army Painter's "Matte White" spray, and the yellow armour was then given a coat of "Imperial Fist" from GW's Contrast Paint line, before getting a coat of the more traditional "Yriel Yellow" acrylic, and on from there. As with the other VII Legion elements I have been painting this fall, the weathering on them is fairly heavy, meant to represent hard-pressed defenders who are too busy fighting and don't have time for Ultramarine-style preening between battles.

Another view of some tactical grunts. Vox caster on the right.

I'm pleased with how the roughed-up yellow armour came out, although I continue to find painting the embossed Legion symbol to be very challenging. Overall, they came out better than previous efforts, but in general they benefit from looking better from about a foot away on the table than they do up close :)

I changed up the Sergeant a touch in this squad, using a surplus Mark III shoulder plate.

He also got an extra shoulder plate, to mark him out as a veteran.

My collection of VII Legion marines is large enough now for a small game - three tactical squads, a terminator squad, a Contemptor dreadnought, and a collection of figures to serve as officers. Might be time to add some vehicles to this lot, or perhaps some more support or specialist infantry selections - either assault, support or even breachers. These might be projects for the looming 13th edition of the Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge...

One more team photo for posterity...

Thanks for reading! I hope my fellow Conscripts are busy preparing their miniatures for the annual winter painting efforts, and I'm looking forward to joining them on the AHPC painting trail once more. The Challenge begins on December 21st - in the interim, stay tuned for some more deck-clearing-style posts to set the stage. Cheers for now. 

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Dallas said...

Jeez dude, save some for the Challenge - you're really cranking up the production! The Fists look great!