Monday, December 6, 2021

Alpha Legion Finished!

The 12th painting Challenge approaches and I've been preparing various projects to work on over the winter. I've also been trying to clean out the last pieces of some old projects that have been lingering for a while. One of these projects is my 30k Alpha Legion. I've finally managed to complete the last unit I intend to build for them them. This is a unit of Lernaean Terminators from Forgeworld. They come equipped with power axes and volkite charges. They also come equipped with a conversion beamer which is a bit silly such a close combat oriented unit. As such I converted the beamer to look a little vague so it could reasonably represent several of the available weapon options.
I had originally earmarked some other models for this army, but I received some unexpected reinforcements from GregB when he moved. About half the infantry and a few of the vehicles are Greg's Alpha Legion. Our painting style are a bit different, but I used the same colour scheme and the two groups blend together fairly well I think. This isn't it for 30k however. As I mentioned above, I had other models earmarked for the Alpha Legion and those are being diverted to a new legion project that I hope to start some time next year.
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Greg B said...

Fantastic work Mike!! Alpha to Omega!!
So...what is the new Legion project???

Kevin Holland said...

They look great, Mike! An impressive Force!