Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Primaris Lieutenant for Raven Guard

The (relatively) new(ish) Primaris Lieutenant from GW.

Here is a "Primaris Lieutenant" from GW's new range of Space Marines for Warhammer 40k. This is a "28mm" plastic figure from GW, sporting a shoulder icon from Pop Goes The Monkey. This figure comes from the "Indomitus" box set, released last year to go along with (yet another - the 9th, I think) version of the Warhammer 40k rules. It was an interesting effort, released in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I picked up a box from the FLGS here in Sault Ste Marie last summer.

Skulls on the shield? But of course! You can also see the nice shoulder emblem from Pop Goes The Monkey.

The Indomitus box includes quite a haul of plastic multi-part goodies - you get a number of new "Primaris" Space Marines, and quite an assortment of Necron bad guys as well. While my own personal painting interests tend toward 30k more than 40k when it comes to GW, my curiousity was piqued at the time - and I painted up a small assortment of Primaris Marines last summer and fall.

The Indomitus box takes the evolution/replacement of GW's Space Marine lineup further along, with new officers, a new brand of basic troop type, some new elite-types, bike-riding Marines and some other characters. Overall, the Marine figures are pretty interesting, with the possible exception of the "Judiciar", who looks like a LARP-reject who has been kicked out of his parents' basement. 

"Sure, I'm carrying a power sword that is like half-a-metre long, but still, take THAT!"

In particular, the Marine elites/officers in this box have a bit of a pseudo-medieval touch to them...there are tabards, swords, relic bits and big shields. And skulls and skeletons of course :) This Lieutenant figure is an example of all of these aspects...he has a tabard, a huge sword, a fancy shield and lots of trinkets and purity seals etc. For all that, it should be noted that he still has a nice gun too...a "neo-volkite pistol" - nice to see the 30k volkite weapons getting a shout-out in the new edition of 40k.

Lots of character on this character figure. Fun to paint.

Most Indomitus fans have already painted all of their Indomitus box set miniatures. Me? Well, having had the Indomitus box for a year, I thought it was time to finally paint at least ONE of the miniatures inside, so I put him together a couple weeks ago. I have to say, he was fun to paint! I also have to vouch for the stuff from "Pop Goes The Monkey" - there a lot of great accessories available there, with many that will work perfectly with the new "Primaris" marines. It was great to be able to slap a Raven Guard icon on the shoulder guard of this figure - looks so much better than a decal, especially considering all of the other schwag/flare this fellow is carrying around. 

One thing I learned is that I need some new white can see the finish on the helmet and shield looks pretty streaky/chalky...something to sort out over the summer, as I slowly assemble more figures from the Indomitus box and get them ready for painting. I haven't even decided if I will paint the others as Raven Guard figures, or something else...who knows? Something for my hobby brain to worry away about.

Thanks for visiting - hope you are somewhere the COVID restrictions are able to be relaxed!


MFraser said...

Glad to see you picked up some pgtm. He’s building up quite the product range. I fully expect Shapeways to get hit with a cease and desist from GW one of these days.

Dallas said...

Great looking model dude - I'm off to PGTM so see what they've got...

Anonymous said...

I really like the style of your Raven Guard Models.
Could you give us a run-down how you paint them?
Thanks in advance!