Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Thousand Sons Praetor

Thousand Sons Praetor in Cataphractii armour - figure from Forge World

My painting desk continues to be dominated by 30k projects large and small. This fellow is a Praetor for the XV Legion Astrates, the "Thousand Sons" from GW's Horus Heresy setting. As befitting a senior commander in the Legion, this fellow is wearing bespoke terminator armor, covered in all manner of fancy markings and designs with the faux-ancient-Egyptian theme seen with these Space Marines. His power weapon also sports a blade with an ancient-Egypt cut and curve. This is a 28mm figure from Forge World.

The weapons look scary, but his psyker-type powers will be even scarier!

I ordered this figure years ago, right around the time I started painting the figures for the "Burning of Prospero" board game. I love the sculpt - in addition to the fancy bespoke elements, this figure has a nice sense of movement that you don't generally find otherwise on figures wearing the bulky, slab-sided "Cataphractii" pattern Terminator armour.

As is so often the case, the period between purchasing the figure and actually painting it developed into quite the lag! This was one of many assembled and primed 30k figures which have been waiting for paint for well over a year. It is nice to finally get him finished.

I probably should have put some kind of cool lodge symbol on the cloak, but I had to mess around enough with the green that I decided to leave well-enough alone.

If the "fluff" of the Horus Heresy setting, the Thousand Sons are known to feature a number of powerful psykers among their ranks. Disputes about how to handle and manage these gifts within the confines of the "Imperial Truth" ultimately leads to their censure and subsequent violent downfall at the hands of the VI Legion, one of the many winding sub plots to be found in the Horus Heresy. Indeed the Thousand Sons make so many poor decisions that it is hard to believe they are somehow stocked with powerful psykers, many of whom can allegedly see the future, when in fact they make the management of the Toronto Maple Leafs appear prescient.

The sculptors did such an excellent job on this figure - I love the sense of motion, even though he is wearing heavy/scary Terminator plate.

The upshot of all of this is that I expect the Thousand Sons are a different sort of force to play in the Horus Heresy - there are so many psykers that it reminds me much more of an Eldar-type pace of play. They are essentially a magic society crossed with a Space Marine Legion, and still have all of the strength, weapons and abilities of the Space Marine is a potent combo. As a senior commander, I expect this fellow to be zapping enemies with scary psyker powers as much as his combi-bolter.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading - I hope those of you in Canada are able to enjoy Canada Day and a nice weekend to follow. Cheers!


Dallas said...

Great looking Praetor dude.

JamieM said...

Blimey, he’s a busy looking bee with all the stuff on his armour! “Blinged up” doesn’t even do him justice…. Nice job.