Sunday, June 7, 2020

30k Terminators for the Vylka Fenryka

Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour for the VI Legion.
Some more efforts for my Vylka Fenryka in GW Horus Heresy setting. This is a unit of Space Marines Terminators wearing "Tartaros Pattern" variant power armour. The figures are multi-part plastic kits from GW, and they are painted in the grey of the VI Legion Astrates - the "Space Wolves".

Terminator marines with combi-bolters and power fists.
As with the other VI Legion figures I have painted so far, I am trying to avoid the over-the-top wolfy-wolf stuff with these guys. Often you see Space Wolf marines festooned with pelts (not crazy about that) and, even more often, not wearing their helmets while in combat poses. I am trying to avoid that look as much as I can - so no pelts and feathers or any other nonsense here, although the Forge World decal sheet provides some nice norse-inspired pattern decals that can be used on the armour.

Lots of power augmentation to be able to fire that sort of weapon with just one hand...
Thanks to the extra augmentation afforded by this sort of power armour, the Space Marines can carry even bigger and scarier weapons into combat.

One such weapon is the utterly bonkers "Reaper Autocannon" - the whole thing is bat-sh*t nuts, and I have to say I love the look - so utterly menacing and impractical.  Imagine clearing out various fields of fire with that thing!

Reaper autocannon anyone?
Just look at that bonkers's one of my favourite bits of 30k silliness!
Most of the marines in this unit carry "combi-bolters". After all, the best way to improve one gun is to just tie two of that gun together, right?

View of the Sergeant's fancy shoulder plates and volkite charger.
The officer has slightly more ornate armour plates, a deadly power sword and an volkite charger, a weapon that looks like a small sidearm in relation to his huge armoured frame.

Ready for service with The Rout.
These models will teleport on to the table and deliver timely fire support and strategic face-punching (courtesy of all those power fists) for the forces of The Rout at some point in the future when we can finally get together for a game.

Thanks for reading - stay safe, and happy painting.


DAM said...

Nice looking squad of Terminators! I totally agree with the bonkers reaper autocannon. :)

Neil Scott said...

A great looking unit

Codsticker said...

Wonderful work. I really like your approach to the Space Wolf models: ditching the pelts and using helmeted heads really cleans the models up.

Michael Awdry said...

Awesome work!

Dallas said...

Those guys look good!