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Necromunda League - Scenarios 3 and 4

[Note: the contents of this post have been sitting in Draft form for several weeks. I won't be gaming or making blog posts for awhile due to health issues, but the Necromunda League's initial campaign of 4 narrative games will continue.] 

Celebrating victories at the local watering hole can often lead to even more battles...and it looks like you just found one!

The scenario starts with a Western-style shootout in the middle of the street. Rolling dice, each gang tires to hold the nerve the longest. When one side's nerves break, the gunfight erupts!


Barry (Orlocks) vs. Dallas (Delaques)

Barry and Dallas each rolled and got two gangers for the shootout. The Orlocks' nerve held, and Dallas' men went for their guns first. Actual order of firing was by Initiative + a die roll.

2016-05-26 20.42.32

2016-05-26 20.52.19

2016-05-26 20.52.25

2016-05-26 21.01.53

With both of the Orlocks Down, reinforcements arrived from opposite ends of the main street.

2016-05-26 21.08.30

Though some of the Delaques ran out of ammo, they caused some more Orlock casualties, forcing Bottle Tests that Barry eventually failed.

2016-05-26 21.35.46

2016-05-26 21.35.54

2016-05-26 21.58.01

Levon (Van Saars) vs. Dave (Spyre Hunters)

The Spyrers rolled two gangers, and the Van Saars rolled three. The Van Saars were cool as three very cool guys, so their nerve held.

Camera Roll-1239

Camera Roll-1240

Camera Roll-1241

The lone Spyrer Orrus got stuck into a series of close combats...

Camera Roll-1242

...which he kept winning, despite being outnumbered 3 to 1!

Camera Roll-1243

Camera Roll-1244

With the Van Saars taking so many casualties, they were also rolling Bottle Tests each turn.

Camera Roll-1245

As the Van Saar reinforcements gathered for a final charge en masse, their leader failed his Bottle Test, and the gang fled the field!

Camera Roll-1246

Note: the status markers are Chessex dice that I custom ordered. A little expensive, but we like them better than paper counters.

Mike (Spyrers)  vs. Barry (Orlocks)

Mike's Spyrers managed to win a shoot-out against Barry's Orlocks. The Spyrers' nerve broke first. However, no one could hit the side of a barn with shooting; all the casualties came after, in close combat!

All Photos-50

All Photos-51

All Photos-52

All Photos-53

Withe three men Down right away, it was only a matter of time before Barry's gangers fled the field!

All Photos-54


So there was a reason that mine was closed long ago. The Miners' Guild wants you to go back in and figure it out but they're not convinced your gang can do it alone. A little “unfriendly” competition never hurt anyone...too much.

Dallas (Delaques) vs. Dave (Spyre Hunters)

Dallas' Delaques squared off against my Administrator gang of Spyre Hunters. I started off having to fight a third-party Chaos Magus while the Delaques hung back. After my Malcadons cut the Magus down, I split my forces.

All Photos-55

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All Photos-60

The Yeld and Orrus held off five Delaques, even after the Yeld went Down.

All Photos-61

I was setting up a coordinated attack against the Delaque leader and his hired gun with my remaining forces, when Dallas' leader managed to put a bolt round into a Malcadon. My leader, the Jakara, then failed her Bottle Test!

All Photos-62

Barry (Orlocks) vs. Levon (Van Saars)

Levon's Van Saar's managed to kill the marauding Chaos Magus, but Barry's Orlocks were able to gain good field position and forced bottle tests on the Van Saars, who eventually ran off the table.

Congrats to Barry in his first-ever victory in a Necromunda game!

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Current League Standings:
Dallas (Delaques): (4 league games played) 37 pts.
Mike (Spyre Hunters): (3 league games played) 16 pts
Barry (Orlocks): (4 league games played, 5 games total) 18 pts.
Levon (Van Saar): (4 league games played) 8 pts.

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