Thursday, January 14, 2016

Epic 30k Preview - The Hammers Of Horus, Ready to Roll

Epic 30k firepower lined up prior to our game tonight
Tonight we will be playing some Epic 30k with the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts, and the little fellows above will see their first action on behalf of the XVI Legion.  The scenario features a Sons of Horus task force trying to break through the loyalist lines while escorting a convoy of lethal virus munitions they have purloined from a not-quite-as-abandoned-as-people-thought Adeptuts Mechanicus facility.  The Imperial Fists will stand in their you can see from the task force elements pictured above, they are going to need to big guns of their own to get the job done on behalf of their so-called "Emperor".

We'll use the "Epic: Armageddon" rules - the last variant of the rules published before the douchetards at GW ditched their specialist games.  I've cooked up some stats and adjustments to the Space Marine forces from "Epic: Armageddon" to reflect vehicles like the beasts pictured above, Marine support squads and other things...hopefully it turns out well - stay tuned for photos and an AAR!

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Millsy said...

Can I read into the use of the term "douchetards" that you're no happier about that than I am? :-)