Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More 15mm Cold War Soviets

More Soviet/Russian forces to tackle the West
I finished a few more odds and ends for my 15mm Cold War Soviets during the long weekend. There are three QRF vehicles - another BMP-2D APC, a BRM recon vehicle and a "Tunguska" 2S6 anti-aircraft tank.  There is also a solitary infantryman with an SA-7 shoulder-fired SAM.

Another BMP-2D from QRF
The BMP-2D is an upgraded variant of the Soviet BMP-2 APC.  It is equipped with some extra armour on the skirts and the turret intended to give some extra protection against infantry AT weapons like LAW rockets or (much more likely to be faced) RPGs.  This is a very nice model from QRF.  I painted this in a "Fulda" cammo pattern to match the other AFVs in my Soviet column.

A BRM recon APC from QRF
The BRM is a recon variant of the BMP APC platform.  It has a larger turret and carries all sorts of radar and ranging/sighting equipment.  The Warsaw Pact forces will know NATO has been encountered once they watch this thing burn up a few hundred metres out from the head of the column.  This was a QRF model too, and was OK in terms of quality. Like the other vehicles, the BRM received a "Fulda" cammo scheme.

SA-7 trooper from Peter Pig

This figure is from Peter Pig's AK47 "Professionals" line
Trying to keep enemy aircraft and helicopters away from your column is a key worry for any Warsaw Pact commander.  Helpfully Peter Pig offers a pack of "regulars" from its AK47 Republic line carrying the Soviet SA-7 shoulder-fired SAMs.  I don't know how effective these weapons are but the motor rifle troops will take all the help they can get.

The Tunguska is a heavily armed anti-aircraft platform

I wish I had decals for the numbers...my free-hand isn't great
For some serious anti-air work we will have the 2S6 "Tunguska".  It lacks the charm and character of the better-known ZSU-23-4 AAA tank, but it packs more punch, carrying a pair of 30mm cannons and a set of SAMs on the turret.  I didn't add any cammo to this vehicle, figuring it would have been attached to the column from a higher-level formation.  This is a QRF casting, and it is very good - very clean, crisp lines and not much flash.  The only area where they might improve would be the tow cables stowed on the front of the hull - the detail is a little soft there.  


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These look great, Greg ;)

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Very nice work Greg- great colour scheme1

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