Monday, July 8, 2013

Must... stop... putrefying... (more Nurgle painting)

On a roll with the Nurgle theme, the other night I painted another Nurgle Lord for the 40K army. This one is based on the new GW plastic Nurgle Lord multi-part model and "40K-ized" by adding a plasma pistol.

I really like how this model came out - I used copious amounts of the excellent Modelmates "Rust Effects" product in various ways - ranging from layering it thickly on the axe blade, to drybrushing it onto the armour.

Holstered plasma pistol as a nod to 40K usage.

Shiny entrails mandatory.

The other models I painted were a couple of the old Grenadier "Imperial Space Marines" they made for the Traveller game back in the early-mid '80s. I had the boxed set but foolishly parted with it years ago, and thought they might be a neat power-armoured supplement to my true-25mm "Hammers Slammers" infantry (actually GZG NAC).  

This guy is a heavy weapons gunner with a neat-looking missile set-up.

The other is a casualty model that will do nicely for a game objective.

I have about 9 more of these models on the way from various sources, but if you have any going spare please let me know in the comments and we can make a deal :-)


Iannick said...

Great Nurgle champion, he looks suitably disgusting! And I really have to get my hands on that 'rust in a bottle' product, thanks for the tip.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice job very grimy, Father wil be pleased ;0)

The Angry Lurker said...

Nice work Dallas, I love the figure especially his colon lying partially on the handle!

Laffe said...

Excellent Nurgle lord. Exquisite rust!

Greg B said...

That nurgle guy is making my flu feel worse again...

Are those "Imperial Space Marines" of the fabled "true 25mm" scale?

Dallas said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

Greg - indeed they are of the legendary 25mm scale. I think they should mix well as power armoured versions of the GZG humans I'm using for the Slammers.

Ian said...

That does indeed look a nasty Nurgle

like the casualty too