Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some More 15mm Soviet Vehicles

More Soviet armour for the subjugation of the running-dog Yankee capitalists...
The build up continues for the 15mm Cold-War- Gone-Hot project. Here are a few more vehicles - a pair of MBTs and another IFV. These were painted while traveling on vacation in Northern Ontario.
There are two T-80BVs and another BMP-2D troop carrier in this painting batch.  The models are all from QRF.
QRF T-80BV tanks - ERA bricks mounted on the hull and turret
My prior experiences with the QRF T-80BVs were not great, but Geoff at QRF told me had re-done the molds - and he has.  These tanks were much, much nicer to work with than the previous ones.  And as mentioned previously, QRF is the ONLY one out there making this Soviet beastie in 15mm.

This MBT mounted a 125mm main gun
A view of the rear deck of the tank with the snorkeling equipment stowed behind the turret
Lots of stowage is modeled on these QRF vehicles
Ready to face off against NATO troops
The QRF BMP-2D is a very nice model - very clean.  To make this one stand out a little bit I put an antenna into the turret and mounted an un-ditching beam on the back of the vehicle.  These beams are usually seen on the back of the Soviet tanks, but I saw several photos online of BMP-2s carrying them so I thought it would be a little different to add one.

A view showing the un-ditching beam attached to the rear of the BMP-2D hull
As with my other Soviet vehicles, these are painted in a three-tone "Fulda" cammo pattern.

30mm cannon and AT-5 missile launcher on the turret
The liberation of the proletariat is imminent...
This brings the vehicle contingent for my Soviet Motor Rifles to a healthy level - six T-80BVs (two platoons' worth) and five BMP-2s.  I will continue to add odds and ends to the column, but the main fighting power is in place.  Can't wait to get them on to the table!


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent brushwork, love the colours.

Lead Legion said...

They look fanastic. Well done.

ByronM said...

Very nice Greg. If not for being based, I would have taken them as 28mm not 15mm.

Awesome details.

Curt said...

They look really sweet, Greg. Can't wait to see them on the table sometime soon!