Monday, October 8, 2012

Sons Of The...Sludge? 28mm Kolony Ferals

Productive citizens here - nothing out of the ordinary at all
While finishing off my Frank Hammond 28mm sci-fi models, I came across some primed-but-not-yet-painted bits in my 28mm figure pile - a pack of "Kolony Ferals", sinister dystopian troops from the collection of Pig Iron Productions.  These models are from the HQ pack, containing one, er, "NCO", a rifleman, a support gunner and an...elder?
An NCO, veteran of many...sludge encounters

Sludge Militia has access to the latest in sludge-wear

Like the other Pig Iron models these castings are very, very bulky figures.  No breeze will knock these over on the table:)

I'm sure the..."helmet" helps to ensure accurate shooting under sludge conditions...
The Kolony Ferals are great figures.  They look very spooky, without looking absurd.  These are what Chaos Cultists should look like, as opposed to the current shark-jumping sculpts emerging from GW Kaos Komedy Konstruction plant.

This gunner dude looked particularly spooky

The Elder in particular really captures the eerie feel of these models.

The can see the glue drying under the grass tuft - I was too impatient to get the pictures taken
His cloak is covered with sludge-affirming markings...
I'm sure that head gear is comfortable
The downside of these models? These are the only four I have...I think I ordered them as an experiment or something, a slight character addition to the ranks of the TruKom rebel faction.   It would be neat to add enough of them to play a game of Tomorrow's War or Bolt Action, but for now, these guys will have to wait on their own.  It will be a little while before I add any new Pig Iron stuff.


Martin said...

Lovely painting! Very sludgy. :)

I bought one of each Feral pack about a year ago to use both as generic cultists/degenerates and as Necromunda Scavvies. They'll likely find use as Cursed Earth denizens in Judge Dredd as well.

Get some more! Haha!

Dallas said...

Awesome stuff as usual Greg.

Martin - love the idea of using these guys as Cursed Earth denizens! Might have to dust off the Judges for a game! Now where's that Land Raider...?

Gareth said...

Fantastic! Love the colours.

Curt said...

These look brilliant, Greg. I really like the muted colours. I ordered some Pig Iron stuff just for fun as they look so cool and 'chunky'.

Juan Mancheño said...

Wonderful models, I like a lot the painting work. Really nice!