Sunday, October 21, 2012

15mm SEAL Team from Khurasan

Navy SEALs from Khurasan
Among Khurasan's many fine 15mm products there is a SEAL Team kitted out in cool vision enhancement equipment, armour and the latest weapons.  The models are meant to represent a SEAL team of the current time, but look so "out there" they are perfect for near-future/sci fi uses.

A pair of SEAL troopers
The back packs are separate pieces
There are eight models in the pack.  Six of them are carrying assault SMGs (two with grenade launchers attached), one has some kind of assault shotgun (I think) and the last has a SAW.  All have spooky looking optics and light body armour.  Many gamers have used these for sci-fi models.  So many, in fact, that Khurasan lists these figures with their other sci-fi infantry (scroll down aways at this link).
Spooky advanced optics on each model
I painted these guys in relative muted green colours - at first I thought they would be fine special forces trooper for the Nova Respublik faction, or just generic special forces troops. But Khurasan is apparently working on Spetznaz-type troops for the Nova Respublik, so until then these will do the job.  They could also represent elite mercenaries, or any other generally sinister, well equipped force that shows up in the dark to get the job done. 

Special weapons - MK14 EBR on the left, M249 on the right

Another view of the special weapons
These guys were a lot of fun to paint. I'm not sure what sculpting plans Khurasan has in mind, but some more guys for this range - perhaps with some AT-weapons, or sci-fi-looking blasters - yes, things real SEALS do not use - would be pretty cool!  

In the meantime, rolling these guys out as D10 quality troops in a game of Tommorow's War - or Force on Force - would be fun!


Curt said...

Excellent looking figures, Greg! While though those goggles look very badass (great job on these btw) I've always wondered what they do to the wearer's peripheral vision - they seem that they would create a kind of claustrophobic tunnel vision but perhaps I'm wrong in this assumption.

Ray Rousell said...

Nice troops Greg!

Barks said...

Gorgeous work on the lenses there.

Greg B said...

Thanks guys.

Curt - you make a good point. I can only assume that, when it comes to peripheral vision, "there is an app for that!"

The Angry Lurker said...

Great work Greg, any chance of doing my one?:D