Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Random Painting

Figured I'd take some time out from "GW hate" (?) to actually do some painting... first up was a batch of 16 Tyranid Termagants with Spinefists... posing for a family picture with "Mum"

Next is an interesting little project in the making... 28mm German Great War cavalry (from Old Glory) to balance out the Canadians I painted - whoa - over three years ago??? Yikes!

These guys were scored off TMP and as I didn't like the ugly sabres, I converted them to have lances, as apparently the German cavalry used lances right up until the end of the war.

The lances themselves are 18-gauge florist's wire, the lance-heads are plastic leftovers from a box of Wargames Factory Zulu spears. I greenstuffed the hands and voila. They are primed now and ready for paint.

Next up are some GW Orks for RT/Spacekrieg games. They don't quite fit with the RT Red Star Boyz as these models are more recent, but I like them a lot. I'm thinking that they might see service as Xeno mercs with Futurkom, or something.


Lastly, a few stands of robots from Khurasan to reinforce the 15mm Machine Army. These models are super-nice (as you'd expect from Khurasan) and will add some close-combat punch to the force. Don't those chainsaws look narsty???

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll leave you with a picture of Leonard enjoying the Optex portable photo studio!!


Greg B said...

Great stuff Dude. Orks as proxies Xeno militia for Futurkom? Love it.

The Angry Lurker said...

I'm thinking of some Khurasan sci-fi myself, nice work on everything including the GW!

Lead Legion said...

Very nice. I love all of it, but I have to keep saying it: I love your Tyranid conversions.

Dallas said...

Thanks guys!

Ray Rousell said...

Nice cavalry, say hello to Leonard for me!!

Sidney Roundwood said...

The German cavalry look very interesting. Well done for taking on a very little-known unit of the Great War!!