Monday, August 8, 2011

40Kegger Tournament


On August 6 I participated in the 2nd annual 40Kegger. This was a beer-themed Warhammer 40K tournament: 1000 points, only 1 HQ, 90 minute games, and BEER! The venue was at the residence of Greg and J.P. (standing right, in the photo above), the tournament organizers, who reside in a large cabin at Bird's Hill Provincial Park.

The scenarios were beer themed. Game one, your forces had to try and seize beer kegs. Game two, your forces have already drunk from the kegs so are impaired; e.g. vehicles behaved as if in difficult terrain since their pilots were DUI. Game three, kegs of beer could revive an HQ figure who was reduced to even 0 wounds.

Our entry fees went towards the purchase of a (real) keg of beer, smokies, burgers and some gift certificates from Games Workshop.

Two pools of players competed for standing after the first two games, with the 1st place in each pool playing the 2nd place person of the other pool in the semi-finals. The winners of those games faced off in the finals. Tables were also available for open gaming during the playoffs. And, did I mention, BEER! All in all, a great way to spend time with those who share a love for 40K.

Congratulations to Chris Dart, who was the Tournament Winner with his Ork army, consisting of 70+ Boyz and assorted Killa Kanz. I managed to eke out 2nd place (or, "First Loser") with my Eldar - who really should have brought a Night Spinner artillery tank and some flamers to the party.

Batreps to follow, after my in-progress Las Vegas reports.

Thanks again to Greg and J.P. for a great time.


Kevin H said...

Interesting idea! Seems very fitting that ORKS should win a Beer-themed tourney!!

DaveV said...

Absolutely! The soccer thugs of space were in fine form.

JP40kegger said...

Lots of pics from this event are up on