Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Astronomi-con Vancouver 2011 - mini post


From August 19-22 I was in Vancouver, BC to attend Astronomi-con Vancouver 2011. There were several clubs or crews in attendance, each with 2-6 players. I remember seeing crews from Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver and Washington.

The event was awesome! A big "Thank You" goes to Christian and Keith for running a tight event, to all my opponents for a series of fun, close games (2 wins, 1 loss and 3 ties), and thanks to everyone else I met and talked to throughout the weekend.

I ran another variation of my Eldar Swordwind (pictured above):

Asurmen's Academy: The Return of Ancient Days

Ciara Lorcáin - Farseer (Fortune; Guide; Runes of Warding; Spirit Stones)

Saoirse Riagáin - Autarch (Banshee Mask; Fusion Gun; Power Weapon)

Blood Redeemers - 5 Dire Avengers
Peacemaker – Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones; TL Scatter Lasers)

Companions - 5 Dire Avengers
Fencing Master – Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones; TL Scatter Lasers)

Fate's Tears (1st Chorus) - 5 Fire Dragons
Ancient Whispers – Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones; Shuriken Cannon; TL Shuriken Cannons)

Fate's Tears (2nd Chorus) - 5 Fire Dragons
The Kid - Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones; TL Scatter Lasers)

Breaking Waves - Hornet light tank (Spirit Stones; Scatter Laser; Pulse Laser)

Moonshadow - Hornet light tank (Spirit Stones; Scatter Laser; Pulse Laser)

Dream Weavers - 4 Warp Spiders
Soul Hunter – Exarch (Death Spinner x2; Powerblades)

War Prayer - Night Spinner artillery tank

Total Roster Cost: 1500 points


The full results of the tournament are posted here. The list of the winners is as follows:

Best Overall - Michael Rusca - Space Marines
Best Sportsman - Marshall Reeves - Imperial Guard
Best Army - Mitchell Stevens - Space Marines
Best Appearance - Dave Violago - Eldar
Best General - Jeff Everitt - Space Wolves
Best Terrain - Dean Gilbert - Tomb Raider
Best Single Miniature - William Hellebrand - Fateweaver
Best Army List - Les Sohier - Plague Marines

I managed 4th place overall in addition to the "Best Appearance" hardware noted immediately above. I shall post an army showcase and my usual battle reports. (After the GT reports. Really!)


Curt said...

Congratulations Dave!

DaveV said...

Thanks, Curt!

There were a lot of great looking armies. Almost no "net lists", either. For example, the Eldar players all had fairly different lists.