Friday, March 1, 2024

15mm Blood Drinkers Space Marines!


Well I suppose I have Conscript GregB to thank for this one... I had Conscript ByronM do some 3D printing for me, and when I went to pick up the prints Byron told me that Greg had asked him to print me some 15mm Space Marines! Cool!

So somewhat on a whim and as a palate cleanser, I knocked out the 20 models Byron had printed for me. Originally I was considering painting them as Iron Warriors, but these beakies were just begging to be painted in the blood-red power armour of the Blood Drinkers. It's just a bonus that the chapter insignia is super-easy to put on the shoulder pads with a black technical pen :-)

These guys all carry boltguns of course. But once these guys were painted I had to get in touch with Byron to print me some more dudes with heavy weapons, as well as some vehicles. Escalation!!

For the record, the paint job was pretty straightforward. Basecoated Mephiston Red, heavily highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet, then washed with Nuln Oil, Backpacks and boltguns are Leadbelcher washed with Nuln Oil.

These two are the start of a command squad I reckon. We'll see what else Mr. B can come up with for me.

Here's a comparo shot of my 40K scale Blood Drinker with his tiny colleagues.

Hope you like 'em!