Monday, March 4, 2024

More 15mm Blood Drinkers Space Marines!


So at the same time I've been working on Germanic Tribesmen and Romans, I've been interspersing some other painting work - namely these 3D-printed 15mm Blood Drinkers Space Marines. I burned through the first 20 of these quickly and enjoyed them so much that I had Conscript Byron print me up some more of 'em, plus some vehicles. I particularly needed some heavy weapons and special weapons, and Sergeants to fill out the platoon.

I also had him print some Rhino transports. As with the Space Marines, I painted the vehicles Mephiston Red and highlighted them Evil Sunz Scarlet, then washed them with Nuln Oil, The tracks were painted Leadbelcher and washed with Nuln and Agrax Earthshade. Most of the insignia are decals from the Blood Angels 40K sheet, but the aerial recognition insignia on the rear decks are hand painted. Weathering was done with some sponge chipping using Vallejo German Camo Black-Brown and drybrushing dirt colours.

Here's the whole bunch that I've painted so far. There's three squads of 10, each led by a sergeant, including one missile launcher, one meltagun, and seven Marines with bolters. At the front of the photo I've put the extra dudes I've painted - more Marines with bolters, another missile launcher, and some random command-types.

I still have the Company command section, their Rhino, and a Land Raider to paint. After that this mini-project will be finished and it'll be back to Legionaries and hairy Germans.      

There will be more!