Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Space Wolf Tactical Support Marines

Do you feel supported? Tactical Support Squad for the VI Legion Astartes.

The new edition of the Horus Heresy is here! And yet I can't share my pointless editorial thoughts about it on this blog...well, they are not fully organized yet. Regular life has kept me away from the hobby and from my brushes for much of the past few weeks. Also, I have just been too lazy when it comes to posting things...that would include this post, which includes figures that were actually finished in mid June, but I never got around to posting. Better late than never, right? In that spirit, here is a Legion Tactical Support Squad, wearing Mark III armour in the colour of the VI Legion Astartes, the "Space Wolves". These are multi-part plastic kits from GW, with resin weapons, embossed shoulder bits and decals from Forge World.

I struggle with the seams/mold lines on the backpacks, but still overall love the Mark III power armour.

This squad is equipped with Volkite Calivers, one of the exotic weapon options available to the Legion Space Marines in GW's Horus Heresy setting. In the lore of the books, these scary energy weapons are described as the original main weapons of the Space Marines as they are organized at the dawn of the Great Crusade. But the calivers are soon replaced by the more universally known bolt guns because even the Martian Mechanicum could not manufacture enough Volkite weapons to equip all of the Space Marines an the Legions is the Great Crusade grew and expanded into to war across the galaxy. 

Ready to "support" the Imperium...

In the game, the calivers are not great in terms of mobility, but they do hit pretty hard, and have a decent range. A squad like this will want to get into a good firing position, and start laying waste to whatever is in the way of their colleagues. The special rule "deflagrate" really helps them dish out abuse, and the new reaction aspects in the updated edition seem to have the potential to increase their impact on the game. 

Will some Mark VI colleagues arrive soon to join them? Stay tuned...

As always, I love the proto-medieval look of the Mark III power armour. That said, the new box set has arrived, and I am going nuts for it. I hope to have some new "beakie" marines to share on the blog shortly, travel allowing. Some mad hobbying on the new Horus Heresy stuff set is underway - here is a preview:

Thanks for reading, and I hope you are able to enjoy your summer! 


Dallas said...

Very nice work dude. I love the "tribal" looking tactical squad markings on the Space Wolves!

Curt said...

Well done dude. I just love the name 'Volkite Caliver' - Just the sound of it makes you think it's old and nasty.