Monday, September 6, 2021

Clearing out the last of BFG

I've completed all the models I have for Battlefleet Gothic! These include some fighters / bombers, a space station, 4 defense platforms and 2 space marine strike cruisers from Shapeways. I also completed the 2 leftover transports from JohnC. The strike cruisers are noticeably different sizes and come from two different 3D print files. The smaller one has much more detail than the larger, but is a bit small compared to the other ships. I guess the Forgeworld it was built at uses metric.
Now I just need to put on a few games! Thanks for visiting.


Greg B said...

Great work Mike! Those fighters look like the original BFG models...are they old GW castings, or are they from one of your alternate sources?

MFraser said...

They are 3D prints. No doubt based on the originals.