Monday, February 1, 2021

Painting Challenge Submission 8 - "Tolerance", Inquisition Public Affairs Specialist

Meet "Tolerance", Inquisition Team Member.

We are well underway with this edition of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, and I am late with my "entry figure", the so-called "Curtgeld". The "fee" of a single figure to participate in the Challenge is a well-established tradition, but lately Curt has taken to encouraging the participants to paint these up as rewards to others who complete the map-related tasks in the Challenge. It is a fun way to encourage each other along as we proceed in the Challenge.

Anyway, I was late getting this figure painted, as it really should be done within the first month of the Challenge (which was a couple weeks ago). This is pretty shameful on my part, but lucky for me, I had already set aside the figure in question well in advance of this edition of the AHPC, and the theme lined up well. MikeF has been painting up a fantastic Inquisitorial band for his 40k collection - so to hopefully inspire him further, I thought I would paint this figure for him, to join the retinue of his terrifying 40k Inquisitor Grayfax.  Thus I present "Tolerance", Inquisitorial Assassin Public Affairs Specialist.

Plastic figure from GW's "Elucidian Starstriders" set.

This is a 28mm plastic figure from GW. I believe it was part of some kind of Kill Team set...the Elucidian Starstriders. I was never into the background of any "Kill Teams", but I thought these figures were so cool so I picked some up, as there are many neat character-types that will be fun for 30k and 40k gaming. This specific figure is a member of a Death Cult Local Climate Justice Awareness Council. Given the spirit of our times, and hers, I am ditching the GW name and designating her as "Tolerance" instead, as she would appear to capture the spirit of this sentiment in her times...and increasingly ours. 

Not sure what is up with that body suit, but I assume that provides...lumbar support?

When painting a one-off figure like this, it is fun to experiment. So for this figure, I thought I would give GW's new "Contrast" paints a try. Oh, I've used them here and there on small, specific spots (like coloured hoses for Titans etc.), but this is the first figure I have painted where nearly all of it was done with Contrast Paints. Or, I should say, it was supposed to be...I find the effect of the Contrast Paints can be interesting, but also terrifically underwhelming in some ways, so there are a few spots where my more standard painting techniques were used. Still, it was fun to try something new - it is a painting "Challenge" after all. Many folks are coming up with some pretty neat results using these new paints...I just need to practice more!

Good luck with the Snow Lord's Challenge!

So Mike, I hope "Tolerance" here can inspire you to complete the Snow Lord's Challenge, and then help Inquisitor Grayfax impose the Emperor's Social Justice on wargaming tables set in the grim darkness of the far future. 

Cheers everyone - thanks for reading! Stay sane!


Neil Scott said...

Excellent brushwork

Dallas said...

Very very nice work, Greg. She looks quite capable of "cancelling" any climate deniers she may encounter!