Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Painting Challenge Submission 7 - 10mm Sassanid Persian Levy Infantry

Levy spearmen ready to fight against Rome!

So I got mixed up on my order of submissions to Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge...I put submission number eight on the blog on already, and realized I had forgotten to share the seventh one. Whoops! Sorry about that. 

Anyway, here is that seventh submission, and it continued my divergence into 10mm figures. Here we have some Enemies Of Rome. These figures are Sassanid Persian Levy Infantry from the great folks at Magister Millitum. As with the Romans, these figures are based for the Warmaster Ancients rules, and the three bases together comprise a unit for the game. 

10mm figures from Magister Millitum.

These are basically test figures to see if I would like the Magister Millitum Sassanid miniatures...and I do! They are great to work with, lots of character and fun to paint, even though they are very small. 

Just one unit...but have to start somewhere, right?

The pattern on the shields was totally made up - and I don't even know if the Sassanids would have used such a pattern with their infantry, but at the end of the day their Empire was pretty large, and levy infantry could have come from any number of cities and cultures they ruled over. And there is a sort of nice generic aspect to spearmen in this scale...these could serve with Parthians (who ruled prior to the Sassanids) and even into the era of the Crusades...I mean levy spearmen are levy spearmen, and this was a type of troop that served throughout a tremendous number of years. 

Thanks for reading everyone - stay safe, and stay sane if you can. 


Dallas said...

Those guys look great dude. Nice opponents for your Romans!

Phil said...

Well done, beautiful infantry!